7/8 ain’t a whole – but it’s a lot!

so, i think i’ve discussed this before, but i’m not totally sure…

…but somehow, some way, i discovered something about my car that’s proved to be really cool and fairly expensive.

i noticed a couple years ago that music sounded really good in the UFC’s X1, and really good in mr grey, but not so great in black betty (my 5 series). admittedly, this is some straight white person shit. it turns out that in the other two there was a speaker upgrade available to harman kardon that was done on both of them…but on the betty? not so much.

i went looking around and for some reason stumbled upon the fact that rockford fosgate, which was THE brand for speakers when i was in high school and college, made a direct replacement upgrade for my car back around the time i got it in 2017. the problem was this was a few years later, they were pricey as all fuck when they came out, and so they had been discontinued by the time i was looking around for em. i ended up finding the subs from a place in vegas via eBay, and got my front door speakers from the RF website directly (no tax, no shipping!). when i did a stock sale back at the beginning of the summer i redid the rear shelf speakers shortly after finding out i even HAD rear shelf speakers (a few years after getting the car) but left the rear door speakers alone because i figured they were basically just filler sound as they’re below my ear line, they just fire at each other, and i wasn’t a hundred percent on how i’d pull the door panels due to my car having the rear privacy screen and ZERO PERCENT of the cars i found door removal DIY’s having those. but then a pair of speakers for the doors popped on eBay for less than half price a month or so ago so i picked em up, figured out the window screen thing, and installed them. they made a much bigger difference in the overall sound than i thought!

so that’s fourteen speakers replaced (two in each door, four doors, total of eight, plus four more in the rear shelf for a total of twelve, plus the two subs under the front seats) but i haven’t touched the center channel yet. why? a couple reasons – one, i have NO idea which speaker will fit out of the RF line if any (they list every other speaker in the car but not that one on their compatibility chart) and two, it would only use half a pair. for the price they charge for these things ($619 a pair) i’m not letting half go to waste, so i’m gonna figure out which one will work (if any) and then sit and wait for a used set to come on da bay cheap, if that ever happens. for now, i’ll just enjoy the current loud as fuck bass heavy sound!

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