DM2 (although realistically more like “23”)

so, a couple quick notes on the upcoming depeche mode show…

…which is really what the “2” in the title stands for, because clearly this is more than just my second bit about the band.

so, first note was i did get in on the presale and got a ticket. according to google images by view will basically be this, but a bit lower down:

and i’m on the aisle between myself and the center section, so i’m pretty stoked about that. what surprised me was the second topic i’ll bring up here – price fluctuation. as there are no actual physical tickets, when i saw the notice at the beginning, which said something to the effect of “there may be price fluctuation due to demand”, i thought it was warning about folks reselling tickets, which you can do through their app. but it appears that was their “if you really want em we’re gonna gouge the fuck outta you!” warning because, well, that’s what happened.

when i went to lunch the day of the presale (october 6) i grabbed grub late – like around 2pm. for shits and giggles, while i was at my table waiting for my food, i pulled out my phone and checked the presale and was surprised there was still the odd seat available, in the same section as me, but several rows behind…and even more surprised it was almost $250 for a single seat BEFORE ticketmaster’s infamous service charges. i thought to myself, “wait…did i pay more than i think i did for my seat?”

but, no. i didn’t. mine was a good chunk less than $250, and that was AFTER service charges. for a better seat. the next day (october 7) the general on sale happened and tickets BEHIND THE STAGE started at $250 before service charges, and the section i was in was over $350 at the top, and down at the bottom closer to eight fucking hundred.

(and none of these were labeled as resale tickets – this was just was ticketmaster was expecting straight away)

what the fuck?

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