hope i’m never strokin’

maybe it was just sitcom fodder?

but do you remember sophia from the golden girls? the “oldest one”?

(the lady on the bottom – i put “oldest” in quotes because even though, on the series, she played the mother of bea arthur’s character, in reality she was the youngest cast member)

according the the sitcom’s plot, she was so “matter of fact” in her chats with people because she had had a stroke and that took her filter away so she said what she was thinking. with me that could be really fucking dangerous. take the other day when i was at wal-mart. there’s a reason the “people of wal-mart” shit exists, and i saw a great example of it as i spotted a young lady on her way in dressed like she had just come from the gym, but the lack of sweat and overall sizes involved indicated that probably wasn’t the case.

(while i never even got out of the car, let alone approached her or said something, in my head this is how it went down…)

i walked up to her and said, “hey – just because they make cropped tops in XXXL doesn’t mean they shoulda, or you shoulda bought them – a bare midriff is a privilege, not a right!”

in the eighties, nineties, and aughts this was humor. bullyish, admittedly, but still humor. then people started getting all sensitive and shit. the term “fat shaming” came about, although from where i’m sitting being fat still isn’t something to be proud of. while our economy is having some issues we haven’t gotten to the point where obesity is a status symbol again (yet). even all that aside, there’s no need to be mean just to be fucking mean, which is what that would be.

which is, again, one reason i hope i never have a stroke. not just for myself, but for the feeling of the public in general. you don’t wanna release that kraken!

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  • Kramer Oct 4, 2022 @ 14:40

    Since when did you EVER have a filter?

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