broken link in more than one way (a flashback)

so, a quick title explanation…

the original title of this bit contained a link which now doesn’t work to send a prank phone call to a friend’s phone. in my defense, said link is from a bit twenty years old as of today, and so it’s not surprising it doesn’t work. plus, the only people that still use their phone AS A PHONE are also the kind of people that won’t pick up the phone if they don’t recognize the number as caller ID wasn’t as prevalent, even on mobiles, twenty years ago, so this woulda worked. now, not so much.

the second is is starts with a shout out to jim (aka “JAB” on most of my stuff) who turns fifty today and we’re still needing to grab that drink we were supposed to do for MY 50th, and i’m already fifty-one. time flies when you’re having fun, i suppose.

as an extra JAB tribute, i posted the van halen header, which it should be noted i actually made several months before eddie’s untimely passing. we spent his 21st birthday seeing van halen in dallas, so it all ties together nicely.

08/05/2002: “YANK your friends”

okay, first off, HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY to jim and his no longer twenty something year-old ass. second, hit the link of this bitch…TOO funny. my buddy john-mark sent this to my mobile when i was in the middle of the chaos of the judas priest box office, and it was one welcome relief…he sent me “bat man”, but the “chinese” one is pretty damn funny, too…

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I think I need to do this to the bitch I worked with last year… every day….. around 3am. I would be worth it to set my alarm at that time just to do it!

the redhead said @ 08/05/2002 09:29 PM GMT

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