hump day devil bit

since today’s the day we should all be up to the devil’s business (if you do your hump day right), i figured we’d talk about how popular i seem to be with him…

…i don’t follow him. but he follows me. literally. check it out:

that’s four different church of satan instagram accounts…FOUR…that follow me on instagram. you’ll notice i’m not following any of them. i’ve never commented on any of them. but they all have four figures worth of followers, so they’re not huge by insta standards, but not tiny either. and for some reason, they all wanna follow me?

i wonder why?

don’t get me wrong – i am still wanting one of their recruitment posters…

(this WILL be framed in my house one day!)

so i wonder what i did to prompt this? i have a friend who posts all kinds of satanic evil shit and his account has ZERO church o’ satan followers. who knew the dark lord’s disciples were such daphuk fans?

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