new(ish) word alert

i coined a new term dealing with an idiot when i got gas and, honestly, i’m upset i didn’t come it with it earlier…

…and a google search just now shows i didn’t actually coin this one myself, it already exists. it’s been that kinda day for me, but at least now i don’t have to feel bad about not coming up with it earlier and using it all this time, so i guess there’s that?

trump∙tard (trump∙tawrd) n. – a supporter of donald trump who follows what he says regardless of actual facts or logic to the contrary

i hope, before i die, americans will look back on nov 2016-jan 2021 the way germans look back on jan 1933-may 1945; we acknowledge those years existed, we’d rather not talk about it, we’d prefer you not bring them up, and we’d like to change the subject now.


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