missed it by that much

well, this was a bummer…

missed black betty’s 200k by 54 miles. i mean, i was there. i was driving her when it happened. given this was after some morning errands on tuesday and a taco run on monday night, i would guess it probably happened somewhere during my run from the pflugerville atomic to the south austin atomic on monday afternoon. i’d been watching for the last month, waiting for her to hit the milestone, so i could get a pic. got it of the camaro. got it of grey. missed this one and i’m extremely, almost unnaturally bummed over it. i’m actually writing this bit in the hopes it gets me out of the funk i’ve been in most of the morning tuesday about missing it.

and you’d think this is what really shoulda had me bummed out…

that much for a tank of gas is just fucking retarded. i’ve sold my oil stock so i no longer feel i’m really part of this problem, because this is just cash grab greed. we have enough fuel in the federal reserve to last us for years…they’re just spiking prices because they can. but my full tank ran under fifty bucks not too long ago, and we need to get back closer to THAT shit.

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