tulsa goes red (not a political statement)

paul mccartney has a song called “give ireland back to the irish” about the british ruling of northern ireland and how it’s kinda fucked up…

…in this country, that song would be about oklahoma. yep – my people get ireland, but native americans would get oklafuckinhoma. even when you do the right thing, white folks still come out on top, i suppose.

in a shocking ruling the supreme court ruled to do just that – almost half of oklafuckinhoma was ruled to be tribal land, as promised at the end of the “trail of tears” all those years ago. be careful what you wish for, people – they wised for it, they fought for it, and now they’ve got it. got what? oklafuckinhoma.

needless to say, some white folks are pissed. why? because they lost oklafuckinhoma…or at least part of it.

(i just realized ME now technically lives on tribal land, which is kinda funny)

she lives on the outskirts of tulsa, technically in an area called “broken arrow”, so i guess she shoulda known eventually who’d rule a place called “broken arrow”, right? it was either gonna go this way or robin hood was coming, and even he’s not desperate enough to right the wrongs of the world if it means he has to go to oklafuckinhoma.

keep in mind this is a town that literally just pretended a massacre of black folks didn’t happen. literally wrote it out of the history books for an entire century, just recently acknowledging it happened after it was in an hbo show (truth) that showed it and stated that it was based on historical fact (right down to the planes fire bombing black homes and businesses) so to try and defy the supreme court and re-break broken treaties wouldn’t be too far off brand if they try to go that way. let’s hope they actually do the honorable thing and leave it with the ruling because, the grand prize here, is just a whole lot of oklafuckinhoma.

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