shoulda, woulda, coulda laughed, but…

okay, this is no longer funny…

…last year, as part of my 50th birthday to myself, i bought tickets to see patton oswalt. i’ve always enjoyed him as both an actor and a comedian and thought it would be fun. the one thing i didn’t really look at? the fact the show was more than six months out, originally slated for january of 2022. two days before the show patton broke his foot in two places, so he had to postpone. the new date? june 18th – the day before my NEXT birthday.

so i guess that almost comes full circle.

i got an email about this summer’s shows at cap city comedy club, which is reopening in a fancy-shmancy spot in the domain, in north austin. i sprung for two pairs of VIP tickets ($275 with tax for all four tickets) to see dl hughley and gary owen. the gary owen show, slated for july 3rd, was postponed a few weeks ago until january 2023. the dl hughley show, which i thought was supposed to be the weekend AFTER my birthday, turns out to be slated for the week before. as in today. i should be at the show the day this posts…but that ain’t happening because i got a text tuesday stating that due to delay in construction of the new spot the show is postponed. for how long? who the fuck knows…

…but i might just get a refund for all four of the cap city tickets. these delays just aren’t funny.

*two side notes – firstly, about ten minutes after i wrote this i went ahead, called the club, and cancelled all tickets. about eighteen hours later i got an email stating that DL had cancelled his show rather than reschedule, so i woulda been getting half the money back regardless.*

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