you’re doing it wrong (CPAC version)

i wasn’t planning on this site just highlighting the hypocrisy and stupidity of what passes for the GOP these days…

but damn it, to put it in terms i know they can relate to, if you’re gonna keep shoving rounds in the clip i’m gonna fire.

so, in recent weeks, there was a racially motivated act of terrorism where a white guy (no surprise) shot a bunch of black people because…well…they’re black. anybody, that tries to paint this out to be ANYTHING ELSE, is full of shit. just watch the footage of him coming up to an aisle, seeing only a white guy there, and instead of shooting as he did down every other aisle, he apologized to his fellow white man and moved on. this was racist terrorism, plain and simple.

his reason? a mathematically flawed conspiracy theory called “replacement theory”, whereby white folks feel they’re being displaced (outnumbered) slowly but surely because minority families tend to have more kids than white families.

but lets break that down – while it’s true that, typically, minority families have more kids, there are a metric shit ton more white folks in this country than any other race. period. statistically whites outnumber all other races in our country COMBINED three to one. so even though this might, eventually, happen, it’s gonna take quite a while with the numbers stacked that highly in whitie’s favor.

then there’s the abortion issue of late. don’t get it twisted – this is not a rich white issue. not that rich white people don’t deal with abortions…wives that cheat on their impotent husbands can’t turn up pregnant, and the mistresses of all those congress guys can’t get knocked up either. no, this will predominantly effect black and brown people because, as we all know, majority rules in this country and, as i previously stated, white folks drastically outnumber other folks despite their ridiculous fears to the contrary.

which is what made the CPAC rhetoric so overwhelmingly stupid.

at CPAC recently they stated that the way to stop the “great replacement” is to make sure that every white kid conceived makes it to term because “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.

fun fact – they didn’t actually say the part in quotes out loud. it’s technically the rallying cry for every neo nazi group to come along since the 1980’s. but it fit accurately enough to seem legit, didn’t it?

the massive fucking hole in that theory? the kids that are now gonna be saved and come to term aren’t gonna be white kids – at least not the majority of them. no, if anything, you are furthering your own ridiculous math by guaranteeing there’s a lot more (unwanted) black and brown kids arriving, so IF this goes down that way don’t be surprised when your bullshit goes from self-deprecating inaccurate math to self-fulfilling prophecy in the next twenty years.

good thing i don’t really like white people!

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