i feel bad for the other guy

if you want proof that the current incarnation isn’t your parent’s republican party, i submit you you THIS

now, for those of you that clicked “more” instead of the link, two things:

1. thanks – i appreciate you reading my shit
2. check this out – the link is to a story in rolling stone (although it’s all over the interwebs) is about an indiana guy who won the republican primary in his area while in jail

fun fact – he’s still in jail. ya know, for being the “law and order party” that doesn’t really seem on brand. of course, they also claim to be all christian and shit but here’s this guy who broke three of their “top ten” by committing adultery, lying to the cops about his cancer surviving wife being “missing”, and then confessing to killing her.

but the head of the GOP in his area points out that he hasn’t been tried and convicted yet, which means he’s technically still “innocent until proven guilty”, which i’m sure is how everyone in that organization looks at every person of color until they get their day in court, right? right?


chances are his trial won’t happen before the election, so this yutz might actually get elected while behind bars. i feel bad for the guy that ran against him – how bad do you have to suck for folks to go, “yeah, he’s in jail for maybe killing his wife who just finished chemo for breast cancer, but an indictment ain’t a conviction…” and NOT vote for you?

the kicker of all of it – it’s for a spot on the local SCHOOL BOARD. show those kids they can overcome ANYTHING to get where they wanna be, i suppose? this if fuckin’ ridiculous.

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