desantis – florida cartographer?

“slight of hand” is the simplistic form of magic where they get you to watch one hand closely so you don’t notice what the other one is doing…

…and florida has now done that with voting districts.

while all the media is focusing on the ridiculousness that is banning text book due to math problems containing critical race theory (which they know isn’t true, and that’s why there are ZERO examples that they’re giving to illustrate the action but, MADE YA LOOK!) the republican legislature has now given the republican governor the ability to redraw the congressional district map HOWEVER THE FUCK HE CHOOSES.

apparently the proposed district map they drew up, which gave republicans a 18-10 advantage across their twenty-eight districts was too risky, so he re-drew it to a 20-8 advantage and they’re ALLOWING IT.

fuck me, i am so glad i don’t live in florida.

now lets see if disney will pull out over the “don’t say gay” thing and we can just shove the whole thing off into the ocean!

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