so, i observed the other day how to really confuse a group of white folks…

…close down a chic-fil-a!

i’m a big fan of cabo bob’s. i think my attraction to the spot is the fact they make your tortillas right in front of you when you order. all the food is fresh, well made, and tasty. but when you leave the original location (in south austin) you have to choose between two evils on your route out – the wal-mart line from hell, or the gauntlet of white folk that is the driveway between chic-fil-a and starbuck’s.

i usually choose the latter. i know not why.

but right now it’s not as bad because the worse half of the equation (at lunch time) is being remodeled. all the signage on the actual building is down, but the big ass sign by the frontage road is still up, causing COPIOUS amounts of good, god fearing, gay hating (unless you actually ask em if they do) white folks to whip in to the parking lot only to discover that (wah-wah-waaaaaaaaw) they’re closed for remodeling.

but the look on their face is priceless. sure, you can get chicken sandwiches literally anywhere else, but not with that alt-right flavor! i’ll enjoy this while it lasts since i know they’ll reopen eventually.

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