club shower goes dark

well, it was fun while it lasted…

…but now darkness has fallen over club shower.

what the fuck is club shower, you might ask?

it was my slang term for the shower in our master bath, which due to it being in a corner, and being all ceramic tile, and me being a dipshit and ordering a charcoal grey shower curtain which minimized actual light getting in so i had to add internal lighting and it had to be waterproof.

i went with LED underwater pool lights but the suction cups they came with didn’t mount em right so they fell and broke a little spring which apparently turns off their battery suckage when you turn off the light because when i used em daily they lasted about three weeks before they’d kill all SIX batteries between em. but once i switched to all clear plastic shower curtains, and could let a lot more natural light in, i didn’t use em as much…but still found, after about three weeks, the batteries would be drained beyond use even though the lights had sat off 90% of the time.

so fuck those things, i’m gonna just get a fucking glass shower door like the damn thing used to have!

i found similar lights at lowe’s, and they gave a life expectancy with fresh batteries in em, and it equaled out to about the same amount of time but i can’t figure out why they’re draining even when they’re off if it’s NOT that damn spring that broke? either way, the glass door will be installed before summer because dual clear curtains are getting annoying as fuck!

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