thumping & sliding (a twice on hump day thing)

when i was coming up you knew if somebody had back speakers because you saw this if you looked in their trunk…

but now auto manufacturers hide shit all over the place. so imagine my surprise when, after having my car for four years, i noticed a new set of speakers i’d never noticed before.

sue me, i’m never in my own back seat.

i’ve been slowly replacing all the speakers in my car with rockford fosgate speakers to improve volume and sound quality. i started with the two subs under the seat, then did the front door speakers, then planned on stopping because i figure the back door speakers don’t really face me and are just filler. but then i noticed there was a different kind they made they said was for the rear shelf and i thought to myself, well, if i HAD rear shelf speakers i’d replace them, but i’ve been in my trunk thousands of times and never once seen speakers on the hang.

turns out that was because they were smaller and the shelf is built to hide em. but i discovered they were there when i sat in the backseat while gassing up on a cold morning so now they’re replaced with the rockfords and, for the first time in my life, i might have to actually turn the bass down below maximum in a car!

(and this is before i replace the rear door speakers)

while i was doing this a couple of gentleman of questionable citizenship origins were making a big hole in the side of my house:

now, in their defense, i did pay them five bills to do it, and they did some carpentry and installed this heavy bitch in the hole…

a new sliding patio door with built in blinds in the windows! no more nasty dirty vertical blinds and no more door that only i can open. score!

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