feather free and proud to be!

my mom used to say if you ate enough chicken you’d grow feathers…

…then again, she’s also from the same generation that told us that thanksgiving turkey would make you sleepy, and that turned out to be bullshit. yes, turkey has tryptophan in it, but in even a slightly gluttonous portion it’s not enough to make you sleepy as the other amino acids in the meat counter act it. that being said, the copious amounts of carbs in stuffing, mashed potatoes, and rolls will knock your ass down QUICK but nobody wants to blame the sides, i suppose.

for shits and giggles, i ate chicken for a week straight recently and not only did i NOT grow feathers, but i noticed i didn’t necessarily feel light on my feet either. on many dishes where you can choose chicken or beef i tend to go beef when i’m more hungry, and chicken when i’ve got shit to do. so, for instance, if i have taco tots at trudy’s on a sunday night i’ll get it with the smoked turkey if i’ve been snacking during the day, but if i’m really hungry i’ll get the brisket (two bucks extra, in case you’re curious). same with bar-b-que…but in this case i really didn’t notice any difference in how i felt.


i know i’ve gotta figure something out, weight-wise. my boss has dropped twenty-five pounds recently and says he might do another ten “because that was so easy” so i feel the need to step up since i also want to drop some poundage and we’re relatively the same age (he’s four months my junior) and i know shane’s dropped a bit recently, too. it’s just the crap food we eat and the booze that really does it (more the former than the latter) and i’m not sure if just portion control will knock it down like i like.

i guess time will tell. 235.2 as of this morning, and i’d like to see that “3” become a “1” by my birfmas on juneteenth.

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