one for three (a monday sixer?)

and the hits just keep on coming!


by sean ~ February 12th, 2004. Filed under: Uncategorized.

i know i said i’d take a break for thursday…

i lied.


see, it’s now just after 1:00 am…i’ve been jacking around on line on kramer’s extra laptop since around 8:45 pm, save for our 11:00 pm run to whataburger. for some reason kramer is looking for links to heavy metal stuff online. that can turn up some scary, scary stuff. to me, the band from sa is kinda intriguing…

(and named after many a 210 chica that came before them in my existence, i might add…but never mind that now)

during the research i saw a good reason why i should NEVER have kids, or at least why a few slut metal groupies REALLY should have swallowed.

then when he brought up pantera, i interjected one fun fact. guess which one…

1. the first time i saw pantera they were still doing hair metal back in ‘90 at a warehouse party called “culture clash”, which also had a strip off at midnight where my friend danielle won.

2. my buddy steve (who’s superbowl party i FINALLY went to this year) went to high school with the guitarist and drummer and has the lp from when they were all in high school to prove it.

3. phil (the lead singer) is gay

well, while all are true, numero tres was what i brought up. now, when you put in “phil pantera gay” in google, the first link says…

“Phil Anselmo is Gay….. will Pantera suck any less if Phil comes out??”

and then the second says…

“…anyone who don’t like pantera or down and especially phil anselmo are
a bunch of gay fags that don’t know talent when they see it…”

(and yes, i omited the links to the sites because, quite frankly, i don’t wanna contribute to the second guys readership and i felt it would be unfair to only ditch his)

and just to verify something shane brought up this weekend over pool & booze, it is still true that if you search for “midget-rodeo-clown-porn” you get only one link.

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