and so it begins (a saturday slide back)

all i know is a quick glance and i spotted something to the effect of “real men love jesus”…

…so the first bit of rerun holiday week fits the xmas weekend theme, damn it!

i get it
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talk about an accident waiting to happen…

…i mean, honestly.

i live in the land of the longhorn. i will most likely get an MBA from there at some point. dad got his degree there. so did mom. everyone before that in my family was out of state, so we won’t hold it against them. but it’s a family thing. we love the UT ’round here…

…but you wouldn’t know it looking at our car. not that there’s anything wrong with that. a chrome bevo emblem or bumper sticker swearing your hook ‘em allegiance is all good with me. gig ‘em if you got ‘em as well. but there’s a limit, and i think it should be drawn at three.

one for the mascot, one for the symbol, and one for the most recent national and/or conference championship. i think this should go for all pro and college sports. anything more and you just look a bit…well…over committed…or unemployed and with a LOT of time on your hands. perhaps even a bit scary if you go to the extreme.

for religious ones (and i know i’ve covered this, but it’s been a while) i think the limit should be two. preferably one. not a lot of info here that can be conveyed at the 45 mph you “blaze” by on the highway (i’ve often said the christian fish on a car symbolizes that you drive like most of the world swims…slow, lazy, and with no real sense of destination – but perhaps that’s just me).

“real men love jesus” – got it.

that was devil good, god bad, right? crap, maybe i need to slow up and pass you again so i can re-read and get that straight.

the car i parked next to this morning (and i counted) had SIX religious bumper stickers. everything from the fish to “honk if you love the lord” and even some with full bible passages, complete with chapter and verse notations. do they honestly expect anyone to take this all in on the open road? and if i pull close enough to read it, and ultimately plow you from behind (probably the only way that would happen in their world in any sense of the phrase, but never mind that now) can you sue me?

or can we chalk it up to god’s will?

or at least the will of his (or her) person?

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