rockstar problems (continued)

so, i’ve brought this up recently

…but now we’re gonna expound a bit.

so, the case i brought up in the bit linked in the first sentence, that i was fully refunded for mysteriously, had it’s arrival date come and go and all of a sudden the status of said order changed on amazon…


where, i wondered? my place ain’t so palatial that shipments arrive and we don’t know, so i looked at the (freshly) updated tracking info, and back on the fifth of this month it showed delivered to my place in las cruces, new mexico.

now, before any of you get upset about me not inviting you over to see the new digs it’s because i don’t live in, and have never been to, lac cruces, new mexico.

what’s really funny is, matching it up with the bank statement, i was charged, my order was delivered, and i was fully, and inexplicably, refunded, all on november 5th, two weeks before i was looking at this. and on that same day, amazon emailed me with a link asking me to rate my experience.

with pleasure!

i wasn’t a dick, but i wasn’t dishonest, either. while some people might have seen this as a one star experience, as i still didn’t have what i ordered, i saw this as a two star job since they did give me my money back sight unseen and noise unheard. but i saw that as both a positive and a negative, so i’ll re-post my review verbatim in full:

“order was delivered to las cruces, new mexico, but i live in central texas. order was charged, delivered, and fully refunded same day, so it washed, but i had ZERO communication from the seller so didn’t know this had all gone down till weeks later!”

honest, but fair.

they emailed a response the next day, stating:

“Dear Michael!
Thank you ordered item from us. We contacted the USPS and rechecked the status of your order. Unfortunately, we were informed that the order was lost during delivery, and it was the last item.
In our stock the item is available in 60 days.
According to the Amazon’s policy, we can not hold your order
more than 60 days. So, we refunded to you all costs on Nov 1. Please, check it.
Service Support Department.”

so i responded accordingly…

So, here’s the fun part – you said you contacted USPS about my order, but it was lost during delivery, so you refunded me on Nov 1st. Fun fact – I placed my order on November 1st. That must have been one long ass day. If you’re going to lie to your clientele, at least do a little research first. Y’all came out in a bad way here. Try again.

let’s see where this takes us…

(bit writ 10:39pm, CST sunday, november 21, in the year of our lord, two-thousand, twenty and one.)

fun editorial fact – i write fairly ‘stream of consciousness’, which is kinda obvious, and i couldn’t remember my exact wording, so i went on amazon and pretty blindly cut and pasted the review onto here and didn’t catch until “final read thru” that it had put “…long *** day.” in place of “long ass day”, so you good people get the real version!

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