back in 2017 i launched a second site i could only keep up with for six months…

and back then, if you had asked me to write the wildest shit the idiots that elected that embarrassment would do, i never woulda guessed it would end like this:

Demonstrators attempt to enter the Capitol building during a protest in Washington, on Jan. 6, 2021.

let alone eventually lead to this:

that’s Q following trump supporters waiting in dealy plaza in downtown dallas texas for the resurrection of the JFK jr AND senior. yep – you read that right. they truly believe that one of the most popular DEMOCRAT presidents of the 20th century will rise from the dead and appear at the place where he got shot (because where would he rather be?) with his son, to usher in a new era of agent orange bullshit. oh, and anoint said idiot “king of kings”.

as one dallas morning news reader pointed out in an article i read, “kennedy was both a democrat AND a catholic – between trump (who is neither) and biden (who is both, only the second catholic president) who do you think JFK jr would support?”

yes, they truly believe this – because of some dipshit who used ancient hebrew numerology (but he thinks the jews are evil) to predict the date as november 1st. oh, and when that didn’t happen two weeks ago? that’s because we were using the modern calendar, and we should be using the julian calendar, on which november 1st falls this past monday, so they stayed in town for that and, again, no come back because you CAN spell “easter” without a “J”, “F”, or “K”.

the guy also took his “followers” to a rolling stones concert in between resurrection dates where he claimed mick was replaced by michael jackson, keith by jfk jr, and the drummer (who sadly is no longer charlie watts) by prince.

so three dead celebrities in place of three very living band members. not sure how ron wood escaped the swap out? oh yeah, and aaliyah (also dead) had replaced one of the backup singers?

although what it really ought to say…

and the people that really don’t like these folks? the rest of the Q movement, which claims thanks to this ridiculousness none of us will ever take them seriously and we’ll now all think they’re stupid…

….yeah…THIS is what swayed us, not the pedophile child sex slave ring ran out of the (nonexistent) basement of a dc pizza spot. or the (nonexistent) election fraud. or the (nonexistent) ability of ANYBODY being able to simply declare your flaming hot cheeto god is president again. or…well…you get the idea.

it’s almost enough for me to start a movement to have a twenty-five letter alphabet. show these fuckers what cancel culture is really all about. a “KW” makes the same sound phonetically, and i think the couple extra characters would be worth showing them how a real conspiracy driven move would play out. who’s with me? we’ll call it “twenty-five to keep sanity alive”!

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