sitcom = fortune telling?

so, i have been busy enough that i have been neglecting some of the cleaning i usually do…

…specifically, my dvr.

most of it, admittedly, doesn’t fall into the category of a “network sitcom”, which some predict is on it’s way out.

but there is one, and it’s mentioned in the article i link, that’s still pretty good – young sheldon, a big bang theory spinoff.

this bit is not about that.

one of the older ones i had to watch from LAST season (i.e. spring 2021) showed a commercial for the new sitcom that follows it, the united states of al. and that’s where things got interesting. the premise of the show is a military guy, fresh back from the middle east, brings his translator to america and home to start a new life in america. and keep in mind, these shows are far from aired live. so it was shot, edited, and canned to air last spring, months before this shit happened…

so now i’m wondering what other hidden plans are hiding in plain sight on network tv? we do live in the country that once shelved a superman comic for a year because it contained a futuristic “atomic bomb” and we were months from dropping our own on japan so we asked them to delay the book so it didn’t give away national secrets.

who knew?

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