rockstar problems

it’s amazing what i have to go through to get properly caffeinated…

…and lately it’s getting a lot tougher.

i’ve been a fan of rockstar energy drinks since the first acl music fest i worked back in 2002. the last couple years i’ve been totally hooked on the sour apple version. i know i’ve done bits about this…and a year or two ago i couldn’t find my favorite, so i assumed it was just gone.

but it wasn’t. it just wasn’t in this “region”. who knew THAT was a thing?

so i grabbed from amazon on the regular and all was well…until a couple months ago. all of a sudden i couldn’t get CASES from amazon, but i could from third parties (to the tune of around $50) but i could get twelve packs from amazon for around $20 (which comes out cheaper even though it’s smaller packaging) so i just did that and ordered more often, but one time they were out and i did the case thing. it showed up a little banged up, but it worked…and then a week later it showed up AGAIN, but i hadn’t re-ordered. i checked my order history and bank account and i hadn’t been charged, just shipped an extra by this third party for free.


since i now had (literally) four dozen of them, and i only drink one a day, i went almost two months without needing to order em again…but once i needed to, i ordered a twelve pack from amazon (now down to under $15!) and it shipped same day, and was supposed to arrive two saturdays ago, but never did, and all of a sudden showed “lost” as it’s status and they suggested i apply for a refund as they now showed out of stock on them.


so i found the third party, who showed they had three cases left, ordered a case (now $42) and it showed shipped within a day or two, but no tracking number. the day AFTER it shipped, i got an email showing i had a refund from amazon, but not for the twelve pack – for the case. the refund actually hit at the same time as the charge, cancelling itself out. after a week i lamented and cancelled the twelve pack order, re-ordering it since it showed it would be back in stock today, but it actually shipped over the weekend and arrived today.

so i have a twelve pack.

meanwhile, the case, which i’ve been fully refunded for, shows that it will be here friday but has no tracking info listed. and the original twelve pack refund hits today and shows in amazon as well.

so i’ll be curious to see how many more show up if any? roll yo dice, take yo chances!

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