so, the other day i was in the DQ drive thru lane when i noticed the bumper stickers on the car in front of me…

…i caught up to him at the light, rolled down my window, and he did the same, and i asked, “what’s up with the sticker on the back of your car?” he held up a pistol in the holster and said, “i support the second amendment!”, referring to the sticker on the right side of his bumper:

“i get that”, i said, holding up my own UNHOLSTERED one (note to all outside of texas folk – be careful with doing this, it’s how you folks get shot in our state), but then asked him about the OTHER sticker on his bumper, the much bigger (about twice the size) one, to which he just waved his hands around and said, “you know…because i drive…well…this”

his car? a toyota prius.

the sticker?

if he had actually known me, he’d have known he’d end up here.

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