oh well, whatever, nevermind

so here’s what i don’t get…

…one of the most iconic nineties images might be changing:


no, it’s all because the kid in the pic says his parents never signed a release, it ruined his life, and is child pornography. he is suing the two surviving members and the estate of kurt cobain.

is it just a money grab?

well, he was four months old in the pic, and then redid the damn pose for the press for both the tenth and fifteenth anniversaries of the album:

but i suppose, as we get older, old traumas bubble up. and do the math – that was 1991, so the pics above were 2001 and 2006. that’s a while back. oh, wait…he also did in on the twenty-fifth anniversary only five years ago…

he also bragged that he offered to do that one naked (the photographer declined) and he now sports a chest tattoo that says “nevermind”. but he’s now an artist, they tend to have fragile egos, and dave and krist didn’t kick in on an art show he did, so now all of a sudden he feels exploited to the point grohl is saying all future releases will probably have altered covers.

so thanks for that, kid. you’re iconic status from the 90’s will now be erased by your own doing.

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