this ain’t bringing sexy back

a note to all the slutty girls out there…

…you know i love you. always have. almost to a fault. we’ve had our share of fun times, some of those times even while clothed. and every halloween, you look forward to slutting it up as the dirty version of a hero (slutty fire fighter, slutty police woman, slutty soldier) or a childhood fantasy (slutty bo peep, slutty librarian, slutty witch) or even a fantasy from later in life (slutty deadpool, slutty pikachu, even sluttier hooter’s girl) but there’s one fantasy i guaranfuckintee ain’t none of us had EVER:

ain’t no need for this. ever. ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. that’s not. this hot:

and this hot:

and this:

but, again, NOT this:

not everything can be sexy, i don’t care what yo mama told you!

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  • Kramer Sep 28, 2021 @ 8:20

    But Bernie is sexy, isn’t he? You know, in a smart way.

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