on wisconsin!

take a look at this map and see if you can find wisconsin…

unlike if you are looking at the actual people in the state, you just look for the brown. those cheese curd eating bastards are third in the nation for bar to grocery store ratio, with over two and half times the amount of bars as grocery stores.

what the fuck?

before everybody blames ze germans et al who settled the spot, think about how long ago that was. that ain’t got jack nor shit to deal with it…but their liquor lobbyists do! the same reason your first dwi is just a traffic ticket and if you get popped a few times the state is forbidden by law from putting a breathalyzer in your car.

the tavern league of wisconsin – by far the largest liquor lobby in the the whole fucking country.

they’re also the reason weed won’t be legal in the badger state any time soon. states that have criticized it BUT legalized it have seen a 15 percent decline liquor sales. booze is a ten billion (with a “B”) dollar business. so giving up fifteen percent costs their state economy 1.5 billion (with a “B”) dollars. fuck that – buy it from your jujitsu buddy with the dreads who wreaks of patchouli and keep on dranking! they want them boozy doll hairs.

i can’t help but wonder if da rona is gonna make a boozy state even more boozier. i guess time will tell…

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