sin knee meh

yesterday we did something that we haven’t done in years…

…caught a first run flick, as a family, and NOT on hbo max!

we went and saw free guy which i thoroughly enjoyed. great cast, great performances, and due to the badassery that is the the lockhart cinema, great price! (they do an “early bird” special so we went and saw the first showing, 11:55am, for $15 for ALL THREE OF US!)

i thought the whole “mask during a movie” thing would be weird, but it wasn’t – because we didn’t. all three of us are full vaccinated, and there was only the three of us and an older couple two rows back and several seats over, both of whom wore masks the entire time.

the cold, the dark, the mad rush for food after, it all was familiar. i was trying to remember the last time we saw a movie, as a family, in a theater, and i think it goes back to 2019 or so? i’m not really sure, but it felt like it had been forever and just last week all at the same time. i guess some experiences are just like riding a bicycle – as long as you wear reflectors, nobody gets hurt!

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