saturday night drive (while intoxicated)

the subject line is NOT about me…

…but rather what i saw after work when i stopped for gas on the way home at about quarter of one in the morning:

clearly the motherfucker had just hit something. his truck was still running. his turn signal was blinking (but he wasn’t turning) and his windshield wipers were going (and it wasn’t raining). if you look closely you’ll notice there’s a puddle of fluid below the truck (so i guess it was also drunk enough to piss in public?) and when we come around front we notice that the bumper (and other front of truck innards) are dragging the ground…

and then the real scary part:

do ya see em? the socks of the driver, who’s so passed out and reclined his stocking feet are up on the windshield over the dashboard.

i heard it took the police almost an hour from when i reported this for them to show up. keep in mind, i didn’t report this to the police, but rather the clerk at 7-11. when you report this kind of thing you have to stick around until the cops show. that wasn’t an option because it was late enough and i have a very narrow window for sleep and i don’t need it narrower! i was the first person to say anything to them, which to me says he had either just barely gotten there or i was the only sober person that had been around.

my guess is a little from “column a”, and a little from “column b”.

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