phone phun (toothache edition)

let’s not mince words – transferring all your shit from one phone to another kinda sucks.

no matter what you do, you’re guaranteed at least one or two passwords slip through the cracks. well, actually, when i did it with an encrypted backup on my actual computer via iTunes it seemed to have gotten everything. so maybe i’ll try that.

now, before you think this is about the t-mobile hack thing, it’s not. for some reason i find myself not worried about that, possibly because they say they’re going to alert folks it affected, and while none of us got an alert, a friend of mine actually woke to a text about it, from t-mobile, on wednesday. and we’re all in the same boat, in that he has the same phone as us, and is a sprint ex-pat like us. so if he got that text, and we didn’t, i’m assuming we’re cool.

but my latest iPhone is having a pretty serious blue tooth issue in my car, which is where i mainly need it to work and work solidly. i have a nice ride, mainly because i basically live in it half the time, and part of that life is connectivity.

i don’t ever remember an iPhone having an issue previously, and i’ve had at least one if not two others while i’ve had this car. i get in the car, the phone syncs without me doing shit (as i’ve set it to) and it stays locked to the car from there, sometimes annoyingly (get a call while i’m at the car wash and whoever’s riding the car through hears half the conversation while i’m trying to switch audio) but this one had randomly dropped itself more times than i can count.

and given the history i’m not blaming my car.

i also noticed at the gym it’ll drop from both earbuds to one and back again. a google search of “iphone 12 pro” and “bluetooth issues” just suggests all the usual shit, most of which i’ve done, and then ends with a factory reset of the phone, which at that point i’ll just get another damn phone. i pay for protection, this should be covered…it’s just a pain in the ass.

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  • Kramer Wetzel Aug 22, 2021 @ 13:15

    Same problem resolved, and I solved it by dicking around with the settings. Don’t know exactly what I did….

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