i gotta mild case of the “DYF” today

i always said my forties were my favorite decade…

…which was good, because i was in my forties at the time. i said my thirties were my favorite when i was in them, too. i guess maybe you’re just living right when you have cool, nostalgic stories from your past life, but site your current years as the best ones.

“onward and upward”, as they say.

i’m fast approaching (tomorrow) sixty days in my fifties, and so far i’ve had a smashing trip to vegas with the ufc (wish more of y’all coulda joined), a cancer scare with the budnik (that turned out NOT to be cancer, thankfully, but i wish it hadn’t cost $1,600 i’m still paying off to discover it), and the hot water heater and my prescription sunglasses have died.

also, the pains came.

i’ve had a leg/hip thing for a while now and have finally started seeing a chiropractor about it. while he has the title “doctor” in front of his name, i never call him by name since, from the way i was raised, you either get your doctorate or go to medical school for that title. a chiropractor has earned it as much as this guy did…

1994, Los Angeles, California, USA — Rap artist Dr. Dre sits in front of recording equipment at his home in Los Angeles. — Image by © Neal Preston/CORBIS

anyway, the leg/hip thing goes back a couple years and used to be occasional, but graduated to chronic (yes, i know the pun that makes with a dr dre pic nearby). i thought it was just something happening to me because of all the time i was spending on the couch and how worn out the corner of it was because it seems like it was at it’s worst when we did the two months off work. but i replaced the couch and it didn’t really seem to get better. and then i started having this shoulder and later elbow thing that’s been crippling my workouts in the last couple months.

when the plumber was over doing the hot water heater we were talking about this. i’ve known him since the 1970’s, we grew up together, and he’s exactly five days older than me. he’s gone through some physical issues lately as well, and had recently run into an old football coach (who was also the PE teacher where my mom was the librarian) and he had asked him about his recent physical issues and the coach said it was this weird phenomenon called “getting older”.

but technically every day you’re alive you’re “getting older”, so i decided to lump all the aches and pains into one broad medical diagnosis – “dude, you’re fifty”.

or “DYF” for a short.

and thankfully, today, as i write this, i only have a minor case of the DYF. but i’m about to get up from this office chair who’s padding has been obliterated from over use (thank the boy) so we’ll see if that number rises in the coming moments…

(yep, it did)

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