time to get that fauci ouchie

ya know what’s sad?

i’d literally never heard the phrase i used in the title, thought i was being all clever and shit, and then had to respell “ouchie” because i used a “y” instead of an “ie” and all the MERCHANDISE out there is with the “ie”.

so i guess i’m not that clever?

but seriously – if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, use the browser window where you’re reading this to look up the nearest place you can get the johnson & johnson “one and done” vaccine. it’s what i got, and i had no side effects. you also have no second appointment. so go do that shit. three of my unvaccinated friends have popped positive from delta in the last week, so this shit is no joke.

i now have to wear a mask at work again, which i can’t stand!

so stop being an asshole and get your damn shot!

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