one of the leftovers of all the covid shit continues to be weird product shortages…

…i just never thought i’d live in a country where i’d get excited that wal-mart had the “good” clorox wipes in stock today instead of the store brand. or that we’d see a chicken wing shortage.

but amongst all that bullshit there’s a new trend i’ve recently read about but i’m not sure if it effects me – “shrinkflation”. that’s where the size of a product, like “family size” cornflakes, is actually decreased by a couple ounces, but the boxes stay the same size (after all, most cereal and ships and such have several inches of air at the top any way so who’d notice?) but they keep the price the same. your $3.19 box of cornflakes is still $3.19, it’s just now a couple ounces lighter. you don’t really notice, but on the grand scale the company that makes your cereal banks.

while most of the time we either eat out or eat more fresh than that, so this wouldn’t really hit us, it hits in other ways, like toilet paper. that being said, as they constantly change the terms from “roll”, to “ultra-roll”, or “mega-roll”, or “kong-roll”, or whatever fucking term they use let’s not mince words – they tell you how much money to literally wipe your ass with, and you’re gonna pay it. if 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that.

but some of you bulk buyers check and see if this rings true – as i said, most of what i buy is store brand stuff and i buy on the fly for meals over the next day or two. living solo for as long as i did AND having transport i never got into that bulk buying shit, and now that i have two more mouths to feed that hasn’t changed. but i know some of you do…have you noticed things shrinking?

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