yep, it’s still a thing

i think i’m up to seven now…

…i really should check.

*(pause while i check my phone)*

nope, it’s six. six dead folks, still in my phone, i haven’t been able to bring myself to delete. we just added the sixth last week, although i didn’t know it until a couple days after. at least, six that i know of…just going through half my phone raised at least five or six “who the fuck?” questions. since three of the six are from this recent pandemic, including the latest one, there would be a good chance from where i sit that there’s at least one more CoVid one i don’t know about.

this time around it was this guy:

my buddy gabe. this was a social media ad for a tattoo convention in france. while i will probably never go to france (i proud myself on being the rudest motherfucker in a room and that place would throw too much competition my way) he did the convention there and this was one of the ads, so my tattoos have been viewed there. i guess there’s that?

he was living his best life, finally super stoked and in love with a great woman who knew what she had, and was raising her daughter as only a cool motherfucker like gabe can. but he was living this life in salt lake city, which is a covid hotspot, and he caught it, dying from complications due to it last wednesday.

and that’s sad.

so remember – even though we don’t have to wear masks. even though things are opening back up. even though austin traffic is smoothly getting back to it’s common, “what in the fuck?” status. this is still very much a thing. if you haven’t been vaccinated, change that. it’s free and it’s quick and it’s easy. we can beat this thing – it’s taken too many close to some of us!

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