which big ‘un do you wanna fight?

do you wanna take on big buns or big wieners?

that’s the question in this online petition for hot dog equality, or finally making it to where the number of buns in packaging and the number of hot dogs in packaging jive out. currently, they claim, you end up with extra dogs or extra buns depending on brand.

so they claim.

i swear that here, in texas, we have resolved this issue. in fact, i don’t recall having this problem in quite a while. but when i heard about this petition and googled it, articles are written about it everywhere.

the first time we ever went down to kramer’s coastal co-op we were pretty strapped for cash as we still lived apart and therefore paid a lot more for bills so we had several hot dog meals. not EVERY meal, but enough of em to make it where we wanted ZERO to do with hot dogs for quite some time. but now we’ll do a “hot dog night” every now and again, and when we do six get made up (three for each of us) and the other two usually becomes lunch for one of us a day or two later.

no leftover remainders on one or the other. lemme check on something…

(five minute app laden interlude)

(i’m not quite sure why a screen shot from the H-E-B app came out so blurry)

so, yeah – while there are some slight variations in packaging with some of the national brands, good ol’ H-E-B stuff (which is usually really good) has an eight and eight combo readily available – no math skills required. a lot of the national brands do it as well.

so what’s with all the petition hype to fix what ain’t broken? you can’t force ALL brands to package the same…there’s a “free market economy” in this country, ya know!

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