how do i not remember seeing george lopez? (a throwback)

serious question – ZERO recollection of that…

…and just a quick mention and nothing else? how did i not do a show review instead of…

06/17/2003: “weekend chill time”

friday night i went to see george lopez…which was damn funny. the night had it’s good points and it’s bad points, but the absolute LOWEST point came when i got home to discover my a.c. had frozen up at the house. great…

now, i’ve never taken an a.c. repair course (be it at a trade school or by mail) but i know there are three basic reasons your air conditioner will freeze up on you:

1. restricted air flow
2. low freon
3. you live in polar conditions

well, texas is pretty far from polar (yet, i still seem to always befriend/date/fuck/whatever bipolar people…how odd). so, it was either #1 or #2. my buddy jim’s dad (who used to do a.c. repair) always tells me to check my filter first, and sure ’nuff it was disgusting. see, i used to use those mega-filter-charcoal-laced deals that last ninety days. but last time i went to buy one, they didn’t have that kind…so i had to get a normal one instead.

i just forgot to change it for three months…oops.

so i pulled the ol’ nastass filter, cleaned out the entire blower assembly with canned air, and then put a new ninety day filter and fired it up. all was well. all blew cold. i went off to the eye doctor since my house was a happy, cool place.

for about four hours. then it froze up again. FUCK!!!

see, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. because i live in lockhart, and saturday was the height of the chisolm trail roundup festival. anyone from a smaller town knows what i’m talking about…

see, if you live in a small to mid-sized town, every year you have this festival. maybe it’s in tribue to the crop that saved the town, or some little microcosm of history that it can cling to in order to give it some level of pride and significance, but it happens EVERY year. it comes with chili cook offs and rodeos and parades and carnies. yee-haw. and when it’s the SATURDAY of the festival, pretty much the entire town shuts the fuck down. sure, the grocery stores and wal-mart and other national stuff is open. but the mom & pop stuff? forget about it…and the same goes for the service industry. why go earn money when you can sit out in the heat and drink $3 beers and see people you wanted to fuck in high school but never got to and now come back to town and even though they never said word one to you before now they are all about being your buddy.

but now they’re fat, and still annoying, and now you don’t WANT to be there buddy…and you sure as hell don’t wanna fuck them. not even after $20 worth of $3 beer coupled with the texas heat. but, i digress…

so, i found one guy who came over (he was working at a house only two blocks from mine) and not only fixed my problem (dirty coil) but showed ME how to fix it next time…my first course in a.c. repair, plus him fixing it for me, all for $65. money i didn’t really have, but you just can’t live without a.c. in texas…so it had to happen. see, if maslow had lived in texas, the first level would have had ‘food, clothing, shelter, and climate control’. but never mind that now…

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I’d rather stick my dick in a hot tail pipe, or even worse, use paypal.

btw – cool ztrip mix – if that WAS you…

greg said @ 06/18/2003 03:12 PM CST

greg, i couldn’t agree more….somebody start paying me…one way or another…

sean said @ 06/17/2003 02:51 PM CST

I haven’t changed my cheap ass filter in over six months. totally forgot.

Damn, you are entertaining AND useful! someone pay this guy already!

greg said @ 06/17/2003 02:30 PM CST

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