no GED needed for the GOP in texas!

ya know, i now understand why most republicans don’t want to cancel student loan debt!

it’s not for economic reasons, it’s from lack of empathy. not that somebody paid their way through college – it seems they never went at all!

we already know they suck at math because they think 75,000,000 votes for trump is a bigger number than the 81,000,000 votes for biden.

(it’s not)

we know they suck at civics and government because they keep thinking an already certified election can be walked back because they think something was done wrong even though their own judges have thrown it out of court dozens of times.

(it can’t)

but now it’s the big question – how much power does the government have? well, texas GOP rep gohmert recently asked the forestry service and “BLM” (he meant “Bureau of Land Management”, not the “BLM” your bumper sticker refers to) if, instead of humans lowering carbon emissions, they could change the orbit of the fucking moon and planet to help correct climate change.

that’s right – the texas GOP would rather try and alter literal millennia of planetary rotation than piss of their oil pumping donors. and when it all got made fun of online, the only thing the representative felt he needed to correct was people’s secondary criticism of his use of the “BLM” acronym which, in his defense, did stand for “bureau of land management” long before it stood for “black lives matter”. so remember kids, if you wanna fail upward, just start designing your lawn signs now – faith, football, and freedom – mccauley 2022!

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