budnik’s bad week

i don’t ask a lot of this week – just one simple thing…

…be fairly uneventful.

two weeks ago was construction, roofing, and getting all that settled up. then came SnoVid-21, where there was no work for a week, no water for days, and constantly not knowing what the fuck was gonna happen as a result. surprisingly, through all this shit, the budnik (who notoriously has stomach stress issues) held his shit together. but once we got on the other side of it, i guess his system had too much – he started having some issues tuesday night, and then wednesday refused his food at both meals.

he’s had stomach issues enough that we have a rule – give him a full day, then bribe him with canned food to eat. if he does, we good. if he doesn’t, call the vet. we ended up in the second column. nobody could figure out if he ate something that fucked him up, or if it was stress, or what he hell. what they DID know what his red blood cell count was about sixty percent of what it should be, he was dehydrated, and he showed no signs of being able to right this ship on his own. medical intervention was needed. almost $1,300 worth of medical intervention.

the day before i was stoked to have gotten a tax refund for a second year in a row. that was now gone…and then some. but the end result?

this handsome motherfucker sleeping next to me on the couch. i didn’t sleep right worrying about him tuesday and wednesday night. even worse thursday as he was forced to sleep at the vet’s and i had to sleep without him by me for the first time in over a decade. and then friday he got home and had some weird ass symptoms and his vet didn’t return my call, forcing another sleepless night of worry. but all seems to be squared away now, he’s basically eating okay, and we seem to be on the mend. he’s got $300 worth of pharmaceuticals (jealous, shane?) and hopefully we have everything back where it ought to be!

but now, i’m gonna go curl up on the couch with him before we go to sleep…

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