the prime time gratuity

so recently a story came out and i think my take away was a bit different than they were shooting for…

…i suppose that happens.

it was a story about amazon having to return tens of millions of seized tips to their delivery drivers.

most people’s responses:

“how greedy can these corporations be?”

“why do you need to throw more money on your ten figure pile?”

“FUCK Jeff Bezos!”

my take away…

“WAIT – you’re supposed to TIP amazon drivers?!?”

well, i’m suddenly glad i didn’t. don’t get me wrong – i pride myself on my tip prowess. but i don’t need to throw more dough at some giant corporation, ya know? and if they weren’t giving it to them anyway, why bother? apparently it has to do with the amazon “flex” drivers, which are the folks that use their personal vehicles to drop the shit off. that honestly doesn’t happen (yet) out where i live. while i know the delivery folk pride themselves on being pretty ninja like, our dogs always alert us to their presence so i know our shit comes out of a gray van or the postal service, not some 2014 hyundai or what have you.

but good on the FTC for them getting that dough back for em. apparently they pulled a hut; where pizza hut tells their drivers they can make up to x amount an hour, but that’s counting on fat tips. so seizing that shit from em kinda makes for false advertising. i’m glad things are getting settled up…although i still don’t feel inclined to tip my amazon folks personally. ours come in the van, so i assume with them it’s not a thing? i guess i’ll have to trap one and find out – it’s like hunting a fucking leprechaun to try to talk to one of those fuckers before they sprint back down your walkway.

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