as above, so below

i learned a lot about roofing a couple weeks ago…

…which is one of the nice things about home improvement shit. if you pay attention, you learn a bunch. like i can surprisingly deal with tejano music in the morning. and what a “ridge vent” is. and that, apparently, the rampant holes in the previous roof were the cause of our critter infestation.

now, of course, one of them stayed behind at first, but that’s since been remedied. and i’d figure if any kind of shit weather was gonna drive them in, it would be the shit from last week, ya know, where i could make this graphic off it…

but that didn’t happen. i still wanna seal the ends with a mixture of hardware cloth and screen to keep out critters and bees, but overall we appear to only have our puppy tribe (population three) and us (again, population three) living in here, which is nice.

we had to have a LOT more lumber replaced than i planned, but while you wondered if you were getting fucked as the trucks of dead trees rolled up you doubt was erased when you saw the condition of what they were pulling off. and while apparently shingle life is cut short in texas (we had ours done with thirty year shingles, but he said to plan on replacing it in just over twenty), it was worse previously (my last roof was twenty-five year shingles, which meant they were only good for fifteen, but were left on for thirty). but we’re all good now!

so now it’s on to the next project after the Sno-Vid21 delay. i gotta get a company out here to mark our land so i know where i can (and can’t) dig post holes and start to get some fence laid in specifically so we can get a gate in so people have access to the backyard. then the trick is to secure a plumber (which is more of a trick right now due to them being called out en masse for busted pipe drama after the hard freeze which is why we’re rearranging projects) and then we move on to tile and sheet-rock from there.

ah, the thrills of home ownership!

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