post winterpocalyptic statistics

so, i’m actually writing this while i’m waiting for water pressure to get back to normal…

…although i might attempt a shower in the mean time.

most of you who lived through it know what we dealt with…for those that just caught it on the news, millions lost power – some for days on end. some still don’t have it back as i type this.

we never lost power. at all. not even for a literal minute. score one for the lockhart utility folks!

in fact, we had our water go down to a trickle on wednesday (this is being typed on friday and i haven’t shaved my head in a week or taken a shower since tuesday so i look as close to homeless as i get right now) but until then all utilities stayed solid. the internet barely dipped. shit, we had about thirty minutes where the direct tv got a little wonky due to icicle accumulation but a well thrown snowball fixed that right up.

you never realize how much you use your tap water till it’s gone. learn not to take that shit for granted!

a couple extra statistics:

in almost fifty years, this is the most consecutive days i’ve dealt with below freezing temps
in almost fifty years, this is the most snow i’ve ever seen…period. not just here. but also, here:

this week was also the first week i haven’t worn shorts, at all, in probably five years. it’s also the most time i’ve spent with the boy and the wife since we were forced close for CoVid, and speaking of i made it one hundred hours without having to put on a fucking mask!

another thing i didn’t realize i missed – my weather channel not being “some shit’s hitting the fan” red at the top!

(i’ve also never seen a negative temp, even in the “feels like” part, for my house!)

this was the weather app who’s advice i really followed – how daphuk did they know?

and we all learned new math – while every texan knows how much bar-b-que they can eat before it hurts, or how many little cups of salsa our breakfast taco order requires, NONE of us knew it took three buckets of melted snow to get a toilet to flush. now we do. and hopefully we never have to learn any more of that yankee math again!

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