that old chinese proverb about buying shit (a throwback)

you know what’s funny?

i start this nineteen year old bit talking about the “height of commercialism” prior to the algorithms and smart phone nonsense that now track our every move…

02/11/2002: “this space for rent”

okay, so i thought commercialism had hit it’s high point. or low point, if you wanna view it that way. i got this vibe a few years ago, when i was at a place with bad food but cute staff (hooter’s), and the 32oz coke decided it was time for it to go. i went to help it out (so to speak), and looked in front of me to see an ad…and if that wasn’t bad enough, the agency who set these up right over the urinals had the slogan “bringing your message to a captive audience”. wonderful…

about a year ago, the heb near my place started handing you stuff with your receipt. like it wasn’t bad enough that the BACK of the receipts were solid ads, now you’d get this second piece of paper. occasionally, it’s a coupon. or a voucher for gas. but more often than not, it’s an ad. they just hand it to you, ’cause they KNOW you’ll look at it. and as long as you look at it, they’re halfway home.

but now they’ve gone TOO far. they’ve invaded something sacred. something they ought not touch. they have boldly gone where only ancient wisdom had gone before.

fortunes. yep, fortunes. those little pieces of wisdom that end a good (or bad) chinese meal. believe in ’em or not, they’re kinda like horoscopes – when they say what we wanna hear, we take ’em at their word. but when they DON’T, we say we don’t believe. but this offered no wisdom; it just said:

“Promote literacy. Buy a box of fortune cookies today.”

WHAT?!?!? what riddle does THAT solve? should i be happy with my job? make some investments? what about my love life? it’ll all be better, just buy more cookies. and you KNOW the last one in the box will just say the same thing, so that they get the repeat business. i quote the godfather, “every time i try to get out, the keep pulling me back in”. i took the advice, to a degree. i bought a box of cookies. two boxes, actually. GIRL SCOUT cookies. and then gave one of them away to someone i thought could use some cheering up. now that’s good eating. and the money goes to a good cause. plus, now i just don’t feel right going to my favorite chinese place in san marcos. when i needed their words of wisdom, where were they? think maybe i’m taking this too personally? me either….:)

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