double filtered for nobody’s protection

i am by no means an anti-mask or anti-vax guy…

…although i DO hate wearing a mask and i haven’t yet been vaccinated, but that’s beside the point.

no, this bit is dedicated to the ones that might be going a bit TOO far and actually wearing their mask ALL the fucking time, including when they’re driving. in their car. by themselves.

now, i get it if you do ride share. if you’re an uber or lyft driver it totally makes sense. but if you’re just in YO ride by YO self and feel the need to mask up i’ve got a one word response…


here’s a few fun facts:

rona don’t travel at highway speeds
rona can’t jump a couple lanes
your car has a cabin air filter

that last one you might debate, but it’s true. unless you’re driving something more than twenty years old or pretty tore up it has a cabin air filter, so the air in your car has been filtered by something a LOT more thorough than that mask your girl made.

it’s true.

so unless you’re covering your mouth so i don’t catch you singing with the latest dua lipa track there is ZERO reason for you to mask up in yo car by yo self.

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