a whole lotta nothing (thankfully)

i debated, a lot, how to do the post today…

…not WHAT to post, but how to post it.

i almost started at 8am this morning. i figured i’d do half before the inauguration. then watch the carnage, the uprising, the replay of the bullshit. “shots fired at the texas capital” and such. after all, the capital has shuttered itself since saturday here in texas, and many businesses on congress avenue in austin had not only closed, but boarded up.

“fuck all this”, being the universal “message”.

but he got sworn in. gave an inspirational speech. others did too. he then, before he went to the white house, went to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider. classy as fuck, this guy. i got nervous when he got out and walked the last few blocks per tradition. he even jogged off course to fist bump and shake hands. and nary a shot rang out. the same can be said for austin – nothing.

so today was completely uneventful and completely eventful at the same time. we have a new administration, a new hope, and, as the ufc so perfectly put it, a president who “actually sounds presidential” again. shit, we might have actually survived this last four years to a better degree than i had hoped.

now the world’s most annoying cheeto just needs to figure out where he’s gonna hang his shitty toupee, ’cause his current plan won’t fly.

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  • Kramer Jan 21, 2021 @ 23:35

    The first time “Mitch” has represented a minority? And white check in wasn’t until 3 PM?

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