diver down!

i have no shortage of individual bit headers…

…i swear lately i come up with one every week to ten days lately.

while there’s a good variety, admittedly certain themes emerge – and music is almost it’s own subcategory.

some were done out of ease. all were done out of love for the bands, or at the very least the artwork. most of them i’ve seen live. a few were done in tribute to the artist quite soon after they passed. the one on this bit was done in loving tribute not even knowing he was sick. it was done out of admiration without knowing the end was anywhere near. it was done out of dedication to never wanting to pick up a guitar and try for real because i would be crushed not to be that good and i know that’s just not cosmically possible.

i’ll stay in my lane.

mr. van halen, you will be missed. i only got to see you five times, four of them with JAB (one with his sister), and they were all treasured memories. your impact is immeasurable. your legacy incredible. and your iconic status undeniable.

i’d love to regale you with tails of me getting my first eight track, which was van halen 1, but i never owned an eight track, and never bought a van halen tape till 1984, although i did go back and fall in love with the back catalog, predominantly after meeting JAB who was a huge van halen fan.

rest in power chords, needling the neck

january 26, 1955 – october 6, 2020

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