i’ll take “IRONY” for $1600, alex

i have to admit, i’m skeptical…

…and i wouldn’t be if there weren’t a historical precedent or several.

our current administration never parted ways with the truth during this presidency because they turned their back on that relationship thirty something years before when lies and bullshit were used to get on the first forbes list and they’ve never glanced in the rear view mirror since.

at this point it’s fairly common knowledge that, as per usual, he lied about the virus in the early days as woodward’s tapes have showed he knew how serious this was and that it was airborne and he still downplayed it even mocking those who wore masks.

then the news broke that after the “debate” one of his top advisors had tested positive for corona. now, i put the word in quotes because it wasn’t a debate. it was a shit show inside a dumpster fire floating in a lake of toxic waste. in fact, i think the best synapses came via comedian dana gould:

Many people were shocked by Trump’s behavior at the debate last night, but if you’ve ever shit your pants, taken them off to look, gotten nauseated, thrown up in the shit, then painted your face with the mess and walked back into the restaurant, it was all too familiar.

but while that was the WEDNESDAY news, the friday news is the man who has, through his own arrogance, incompetence, and ignorance, semi-indirectly caused over 200,000 american deaths, has now (allegedly) contracted the corona virus. i put “allegedly” because i’m not 100% sure he really has. this might be a sympathy play. as mentioned in the intro, he does have quite the history of bullshit with us. the fact his wife did as well, meaning they’ll be on lock down together, is the only thing that gives this even a hint of credibility to me. had she turned up negative i would be stating this was for sure horse shit.

so we’ll see how this plays out in the coming weeks. early voting areas that are allowed to tally show him losing in a big way to biden…but will people wanna kick a man when he’s down? will he survive to even see the election? time will tell.

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  • Kramer Oct 5, 2020 @ 8:24

    And I quote:
    > “it was a shit show inside a dumpster fire floating in a lake of toxic waste.”

    You one of the most eloquent muthafuckas I know.

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