ain’t no need for that

i will openly admit i can have a bit of a tempter some times…

…i know this. i get this.

the problem is it’s a light switch thing. it’s instantaneous to go on, but just as quick to shut off. so i can go from happy and content to murderous rage and back to, “who wants waffles?” in seconds…all while the people around me are still reeling from that whole “murderous rage” thing and are taking a lot longer to calm down and are frankly baffled that i returned to normal so effortlessly and quickly.

(the latter half of that paragraph brought to you by the ufc, who informed me of this when i seriously had no idea)

so i’m told renewable energy is a positive thing…

and a lot of people don’t realize how big the blades on those suckers really are until you see them “in perspective”, like with a grown ass man standing on them:

or, for example, when the driver transporting one of said blades is busy trying to unwrap his egg mcmuffin and misjudges the width of the road as he’s pulling out so he doesn’t turn clean enough and this shit happens:

now while the first two images were pulled straight off the googles, the third one was taken by me…standing in the center of the highway so i could get a clean shot, ’cause wasn’t none of us going anywhere. i thought it was weird when i checked my traffic app and while austin looked a little eh on the south side, the real gridlock was from highway 21 to the mcdonald’s in mustang ridge, which is only about a quarter of a mile. why was it all locked up? this is why!

surprisingly it only took less than ten minutes for this to get right side up, and while it was still blocking the shoulder and the right lane, we all got to drive by in the left lane, which is where i drive anyway. but i was held up yet further so the cunt in the big white truck in front of me could slow down, lean on her horn, and give the finger. first, out the left side, while shouting loud enough that i could see her spittle landing on her driver’s window, then with her arm fully extended across the truck’s bench seat with more shouting to the right, to make sure all the workers in the area that had NEITHER JACK NOR FUCKING SQUAT TO DO WITH WHAT WE JUST DEALT WITH saw her and her precious fucking finger.


there’s simply no reason. they were just going to work. the toll road office is literally RIGHT FUCKING THERE. and while i did think it was a bit much when one of the trucks went past us all on the median almost sliding down the embankment in the process i gotta admit – if i was in a company truck with the blinking lights and could do that shit i’d have done the same thing. that one truck doing that didn’t do shit to change our situation, it just meant they got to park on the side of the road and walk to mcdonald’s a bit quicker. who gives a shit?

seriously – with ‘rona, and flaming hot 45 and the election he’s about to steal and the revolution approaching, who the fuck cares? people need to learn to let shit go.

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