screaming at the tuxedo

here’s something i’ve realized…

…there’s no point in expressing your political views any more.

there isn’t. it’s just a big fucking waste of breath.

spouting logical reasons to not vote for trump to somebody who’s planning to do so is like spouting logical reasons to the stray cats dumped in our neighborhood not to sleep on my car, especially on the day i had it washed.

yell all you want. present the logic. the reasoning.

they’re gonna do whatever dumb shit they wanna do regardless.

at the end of the day, you have to remember that if they were educated, logical, even slightly intellectual beings, they wouldn’t have voted that moron into office in the first place. but they ironically wanna save lives via outlawing abortion but take lives by keeping assault rifles legal. they’re simpletons. buffoons. ignoramuses. and trying to change their mind isn’t possible because you can’t change what isn’t functioning properly in the first place without a successful brain transplant.

and despite what numerous movies have told you, that’s not actually possible.

so just vote. vote early, vote often (hey, he said you could).

but that’s really all you can do. vote. let your voice be heard. i mean, we won by 3.5 million votes in 2016 and fucked by the electoral college and ended up with four years of hell, so we need to stomp him into the ground HARD this time around to make sure he doesn’t try to hang out. you KNOW he’s gonna claim it’s rigged before it happens, and backpedal like a motherfucker if he wins, which will be generally accepted as he’s done it since 2016. but if it’s a delta of more than five million it’s gonna be hard for him to fake victory, so let’s make this shit COUNT.

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