they can’t all be winners, can they? (a flashback)

i had high hopes for this one, in more than one sense of the word…

…and then i read it. hell, at least it’s officially eighteen today. now as long as it doesn’t vote for the incumbent i’ll forgive it for sucking a lil’ bit.

08/28/2002: “vent-o-nation”

okay, this one will be kinda short ’cause i have to run copper to the vet (relax – NOTHING major, i assure you). yesterday was all about vents…in SO many ways. my fans became vents, but my vents were not being fans…

need an explanation? or are you just reconciled to the fact i might be stoned right now?

see, it all started first thing yesterday morning…i was on my way out the door, and grabbed the phone without even looking at the caller i.d. (those who know me know how INCREDIBLY rare that is for me to do) and WHAM…a full-blown rant about morning traffic dealings in SA. total verbal venom. i barely got to speak for the first three minutes of the conversation…

ME…kept silent. think about THAT one for a second…

it all ended with, “so i think you need to go off on dipshit drivers on astrowhore later” which is how y’all got the mid-day command performance yesterday. but please don’t think that just ANY of you can make requests and have them fulfilled, okay? my days in radio are behind me for the time being, as are my club DJ days…requests don’t have to mean SHIT to me anymore unless i want them to.

then, when i got home from work, i had to deal with MORE venting issues…just this wasn’t the kind that puts out hot air, but rather cold air. see, sometimes i forget that living in an older house that’s not exactly modern in it’s insulation standards means that on hot-ass days like we had yesterday, even if you have your thermostat set on 70, your house may be 75. well, since i LIKE my house 70, i was surprised that apparently in the middle of the night monday i had gotten up and set it at 75, meaning my house was more like 80 for most of the evening, since during the cooler parts of the day the house had been allowed to sit at 75…a problem that has since WELL been corrected. now i just pray to the fates i don’t ACTUALLY have a/c issues, since this IS a holiday weekend coming up and all so that would SO suck.

later that night, MORE venting…this from sin D about issues that we won’t go into here…but let’s just say that at the end of HER rant she suggested i do something about venting today, so i suppose i did two requests back to back…


don’t think y’all can make a habit of this, okay? our request lines are now closed…thank you for listening to KHOR FM…that’s k-whore fm, all whore, all the time…

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My old roommate once had a poster on his wall…. it read: Women don’t fart or burp, therefore they must bitch or they will blow up. Is bitching the same as venting?

the redhead said @ 08/29/2002 04:23 AM GMT

wow. sean silent for three minutes. have prayers been answered or something? heheh.

josh said @ 08/28/2002 04:25 PM GMT

come on bro, when don’t you vent(at least to your friends)? sometimes i think if you didn’t you’d explode.i don’t know about all this request shit, but go with it, it might get you some female down time if you get my drift…

shane( in bfe) said @ 08/28/2002 04:19 PM GMT

in a word, ICK

sean (now VERY scared) said @ 08/28/2002 03:49 PM GMT

Lordy, I just love it when you vent like that, it makes me all wet and tingly inside. such a manly vent.

astrofishy said @ 08/28/2002 03:46 PM GMT

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