only days till pandemica! (what, didn’t know that was a thing?)

i will openly admit 2019 i spent WAY too much on concert tickets…

…shit, in some ways i spent too much in 2020, i just didn’t get to see shit for my investment yet.

(yes, rolling stones, i’m looking in your direction)

but now for $115 you can sit in your car and listen to metallica on the radio, with them on a big screen in front of you. it doesn’t appear to be live, it’ll just be a concert video. they’ve released lots of concert videos, and while in park my car will play them on the screen in the dash with full sound like you get at this thing.

the only real difference?

bigger screen, and, of course, over-priced merch:

does seem like a LOT of locations for a “one nite only” event, don’t it? it’s because…um…it’s NOT live music.

so, basically, i can save $100 in tickets and $10 in gas (and lord knows how much in concessions) by doing the thing in my car with my screen and drink booze and smoke whatever and…shit, i’d say, “who the fuck would buy this thing?” but i tried to see how much service charge they’re gonna add (surprisingly it looks like none, as the checkout page still shows $115) and had to wait in line just to get to a purchase screen, so apparently the ufc was right – people are super desperate for live entertainment these days!

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