a new vocabulary term, kids!

as long as you learn something new every day, no day will ever be wasted…

…ah, mom. you sure could write ’em.

(although truth be told she didn’t actually write that one – i did, and she really liked it…but i 100% guarantee somebody at some point said that before me)

but today’s new vocabulary term?

caution fatigue

it’s the psychological term for what a lot of us have been experiencing. glove up to go grocery shopping? wear a mask at wal-mart? okay – no problemo. gotta flatten that curve! defeat the invisible enemy! etc, etc, etc. but we’re now in month six of that shit. and while things (at least in texas in general) do seem to be legitimately flattening, it’s still very much a thing, and probably will be for a while.

but we get tired of this shit. it wears on us. i know the only thing that gets me through this is that it’s temporary – wearing a mask to work out is not the “new normal”, it’s just an annoyance that will go away in time. we will get on the other side of this, and like my grandmother before me, it will be a cautionary tale we tell kids later. this is, in edm terms, just the build up before the bass drop. the previous generation got the roaring 20’s out of this…wonder what we get?

a cursory glance at the wiki page for the pandemic back when my grandmother was a kid (1918) shows it killed 50,000,000 and affected half a billion…at a time when that was literally one third of the population of the planet. think about that – texas is considered a “hot spot” with less than TWO PERCENT infected, and that one out of every three people on earth.

and it lasted two years.

so while we’re still very much in this thing, keep in mind there’s still a LOT to go, although hopefully with “modern medicine” (and some new leadership in around 90 days) all will be well again?

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